Global Support & Development

Global Support & Development

Global Support and Development (GSD) is a US-based non-profit organization whose mission is to conduct immediate, post-disaster humanitarian relief in underserved communities worldwide leveraging diverse skill sets and community-based solutions to alleviate human suffering, enhance resilience and foster sustainability.

GSD is heavily active in the Pacific and Caribbean regions and has direct experience responding to cyclones and hurricanes in both these areas. GSD was among the first teams in place after the devastating Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu in 2015, and when Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas in 2019, GSD responded within hours of the storm passing to provide medical, operational and logistic support. Their efforts were instrumental in stabilizing the precarious humanitarian situation and in supporting the work of local authorities to coordinate the evacuation of residents and the arrival of further humanitarian aid.

In addition to their disaster response capabilities, GSD develops and supports outreach projects and initiatives that work to solve problems and improve quality of life for people in underserved communities locally and around the world. They have particular expertise working with island-nation states to build resilience and strengthen communities that are increasingly susceptible to the effects of climate change and extreme weather phenomena.

Respond Global is proud to collaborate with GSD, as their passion for empowering local community and national responders aligns well with our own ethos. They have a rare ability to be able to respond faster than most other NGO medical teams and do not seek or require direct visibility or branding of their response.

Respond Global has partnered with GSD to assist them as they work to obtain WHO certification as an Emergency Medical Team and to provide general advice and guidance on medical team engagements. Dr Ian Norton has over 20 years’ experience in the international disaster response arena and was the former head of the Emergency Medical Team initiative at the WHO.