Thermal Hyperformance

Matt Brearley
Dr Matt Brearley

Dr Matt Brearley is Australia’s pre-eminent occupational heat stress consultant, conducting and applying research to guide industry practice.

Matt is the founder and managing director of Thermal Hyperformance, a unique company that aims to help workplaces manage heat stress amongst its staff, particularly in the Australian resources sector.

Matt was the 2018 Exercise Scientist of the Year, holds a PhD in Thermal Physiology, and has a reputation for his unrelenting pursuit of maximising human performance in hot environments.

He has worked across a wide range of settings including emergency response, law enforcement, military, mining, construction, utilities and transportation.

Commencing his career in elite sport settings, Matt has worked for the Northern Territory Institute of Sport and National Heat Training and Acclimatisation Centre, and was the heat specialist for the Australian team in the lead up to, and during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Together in partnership, Respond Global and Dr Matt Brearley can provide essential training and education in the area of heat stress management – please contact us for more information.