Antigen rapid tests – detecting the invisible risk, fast

Fast, cost-effective, onsite antigen testing

Antigen point of care testing - Respond Global and Pantonic Health
  • Early detection of those who are most infectious, before they show symptoms
  • Accurate results in 10 minutes, fastest test on the market
  • Test onsite, no need to send swabs to a laboratory and await results
  • Real-time risk management puts you in control
  • Cost-effective and easy to use by health providers onsite
  • Ideal for testing of high-risk staff through surveillance programs

Respond Global, in conjunction with Melbourne-based Pantonic Health, can supply CareStart antigen tests within Australia and we have secured large quantities for immediate purchase. The tests are US-made, FDA and CE marked, and TGA approved for use here in Australia. They are already widely used in other countries and we have supplied the tests and testing protocols to the Howard Springs international quarantine facility in Darwin for testing of staff. They are the fastest rapid test available, with results in 10 minutes.

Protect your business – be ready for the ‘when’ not ‘if’

Testing has so far played a big part in the global response to COVID-19, but current PCR tests are expensive with slow turnaround times as they require shipment to laboratories. Enforced quarantines and lockdowns have led many businesses to close their doors, or operate at reduced capacity, which has had an inevitable negative impact on economies and lives. More frequent testing could prevent further lockdowns and closures during future outbreaks. While vaccines are on the way (best estimate is mid-late 2021) we still need to manage the threat of COVID-19 until we reach herd immunity within the population.

Rapid antigen tests detect when someone is most infectious, early in the virus cycle – PCR tests detect positive cases long after a person is no longer infectious

PCR tests are the gold standard and have an important role to play in the fight against the virus to confirm diagnosis and investigate contacts. However antigen nasal swab tests have emerged as a complementary cost-effective and faster way to provide recurrent accurate testing of individuals. Results are available in 10 minutes and tests can be conducted onsite. They are particularly effective in identifying positive cases early, in the first hours and days of contracting the virus, when people are most infectious but display no symptoms, and are therefore an invisible but high risk to others.

Rapid antigen testing is most effective when repeated regularly, ideally twice a week. The incubation period and life cycle of COVID-19 means that regular interval testing offers the best chance of detecting the virus early. Because the test can be conducted onsite organisations can avoid staff depletion due to enforced furloughing while awaiting PCR test results.

Antigen tests in Australia are considered most useful to screen essential workers who have a higher potential exposure risk within their workplace (e.g. staff in quarantine centres or hotels), or where their work makes any chance of being infectious a danger to others (i.e. staff in aged care residences). Workers in food production and manufacturing, working close together and in cold dry conditions are also at higher risk of spreading any unseen virus, and benefit from repeated testing.

Stay safe, stay open, be COVID-Ready

Antigen tests in Australia are considered most useful to screen essential workers who have a higher exposure risk within their workplace (e.g. staff in quarantine centres, healthcare settings, etc), or where infectious workers are a danger to others (e.g. staff in aged care residences). Workers in food production and manufacturing, working in close proximity and in cold dry conditions, are also at higher risk of spreading the virus undetected, and will benefit from regular testing.

Antigen testing is of real benefit to remote communities and remote sites who do not have ready access to PCR test laboratories, and to critical infrastructure where business continuity is essential to a country’s economic health. They also have their place in the travel, tourism, and arts sectors to quickly test mass volumes of passengers and guests.

While recurrent antigen testing is the game-changer we’ve been waiting for, it must be remembered that it is one of many tools to be employed and that the best defence against COVID-19 remains observing public health directions, including physical distancing, hand and respiratory hygiene, wearing PPE correctly when required, and regularly cleaning and disinfecting areas touched by others. Antigen tests work in combination with other measures to keep us all safer.

Respond Global – your partner in COVID-19 safety

CareStart antigen rapid tests from BioAccess are the fastest on the market, with results in 10 minutes.

Our wealth of frontline experience in managing global infectious disease outbreaks, including Ebola, Diphtheria and Measles, has seen us providing advocacy, advice and support to the resource, food, education, cruise and tourism sectors.

Respond Global can supply the antigen tests to your existing medical provider OR as part of outbreak response kits that include everything needed to perform the test. They are packed in durable boxes ready for delivery anywhere in Australia or further afield.

For businesses that do not have onsite medical staff to perform the tests, our team can provide that support, as part of our complete COVID managed service that includes the provision of risk assessments, COVID-Safe plans, training, and simulations. In addition, we can coordinate mass antigen screening programs for employees and the general public to allow events to continue by reducing risk despite the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

Don’t wait, act now

Globally, the supply of antigen tests is in high demand – plan now to maintain business continuity and protect your employees and customers by securing your future supply of antigen tests, to be available when you need them.