COVID-19 Business Continuity Support

Back to work, back in-store, back to life – safely, confidently and with humanity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected us all – the way we live, the way we do business and the way we travel. But this is the new normal and we need to learn to adapt and safely co-exist with the virus for at least the next 18 months.

While responses so far have been mainly controlled by governments, we now need leadership from industry and business if we are to successfully keep doors open and allow the economy and lives to recover.

The good news is that the next phases of the pandemic are predictable and can be prepared for, with the right support and advice. Respond Global has the outbreak response experience and team required to assist organisations to stay safe, stay open and be ready.

No matter how big or small your business is we can assist you in developing and implementing an outbreak risk mitigation and management framework that will allow you to stay in control and guide your operations as the COVID risk changes over time.

Read about some of the outbreak response solutions that we have provided to date.

COVID-Ready solutions for business continuity

We provide proven and practical health emergency readiness solutions, including infectious disease readiness and risk management, to local and international organisations that empower them to plan, prepare and respond to global quality standards.

Clients may require the provision of a complete managed service, with assistance at all stages of the health emergency readiness framework, or they may only require support at specific stages. We tailor our solution to your requirements and specific operating environment to ensure that what we deliver is fit for purpose.

All of our solutions offer access to the COVID-Ready portal, a 24/7 intelligence tool that provides organisations with current data about the COVID risk level in your jurisdiction. Within the portal are risk management templates and resources as well as employee training videos and webinars. Training can be customised to a business, as outlined below.

Foundation COVID-Safe corporate recovery plans.


Standardised programs of support, to deliver best-in-class COVID-Safe plans.

Tailored COVID-Safe corporate recovery plans.


Builds on the Foundation program, to meet the needs of large and diverse organisations.

  • Access to the COVID-Ready portal
  • Integration with your own LMS and COVID management templates
  • 1:1 virtual walk-throughs of your premises.
Customised COVID-Safe corporate recovery plans.


Bespoke COVID-Safe solutions, for the needs of very large and diverse organisations.

  • Access to the COVID-Ready portal, totally customised to your brand and LMS
  • 1:1 virtual walk-throughs of your premises
  • Personalised senior management briefings and training
  • Customised implementation and communication methodologies.

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