COVID-Ready Portal

COVID intelligence at your fingertips

COVID-Safety is everybody’s business.

COVID-19 has profoundly affected us all – the way we live, the way we do business and the way we travel. But the next phases of the outbreak are predictable and can be prepared for. With the right support and information, organisations like yours can be COVID-Safe, now and into the future.

Boards, managers, and staff are being inundated with public health information and the subsequent interpretation by the media. This information is often confusing, ambiguous, and at times alarmist. Organisations need access to frequently updated actionable and accurate intelligence, which is written and presented in a way that is easily understood and usable.

Keep up-to-date – all day, every day.

Access to current actionable intelligence via the COVID-Ready portal by Respond Global

Respond Global’s COVID-Ready portal provides access to current and actionable intelligence. Our team of health intelligence experts interrogate and absorb hundreds of data sources each day, translating this information into practical business-specific language that includes pragmatic risk mitigation strategies, specific to each jurisdiction.

COVID-Ready gives you access to:

  • Video-based training for Boards, managers and staff via our Learning Management System
  • COVID-specific risk management templates and checklists
  • Client only webinars with Dr Ian Norton
  • Current actionable intelligence
  • Online booking engine to engage one of our infectious disease, emergency health, crisis management and business continuity experts to help tailor plans to your needs
  • 24/7 member-based access to our team of experts.

Be safe and protect your reputation.

Available via the COVID-Ready portal are risk assessment, checklist, and other policy and procedural templates that organisations need to help protect the health and safety of staff, business continuity, and ultimately, reputation.

Localised health risk assessments are linked to traffic light alert levels and translated to implementable mitigation protocols, helping you to guide your risk management approach daily as the COVID risk level changes. In addition, the latest national and international scientific updates are presented in an easy to digest manner and correlated to Governmental public health responses.

It is a multimedia tool that is available all day every day, to you and your staff, and includes member-only access to regular webinars hosted by Dr Ian Norton, who will provide practical guidance for staff, managers and Boards.

Tiered pricing options to suit different company sizes from medium to large enterprises, that include 24/7 access to our team of experts, are available on a retainer basis.

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