Emergency Logistics Management

Emergency logistics management in action

Respond Global has proven experience in providing emergency logistics management support for emergencies impacting health. The need for strong logistics preparedness cannot be understated for any health emergency, and often puts a great strain on a country’s existing health organizations and EMTs during a response.

Quality emergency logistics management is key to saving lives

Successful emergency logistics management must take into account the complexities of providing operations support and logistics during health care interventions in disasters and outbreaks. But being well prepared can and does save lives and maintain the quality of those interventions.

Emergency logistics management includes developing caches

Respond Global, using innovations developed in recent responses to disasters, conflicts and outbreaks across the world, can assist in developing kits and specialist response caches for EMTs. We can help solve the operations support, logistics and WASH (Water and Sanitation) challenges facing medical teams.

Importantly, we can be a conduit for national and regional authorities and private groups to access proven innovations and best practices seen in recent responses in the humanitarian sector.