Aged Care

Aged Care Health Crisis Support

Keeping our vulnerable safe

Recent events showed how underprepared many organisations and industry sectors were in being able to respond to a health crisis on the scale that the COVID-19 pandemic presented. Our elderly populations have been the most affected, accounting for the majority of deaths around the globe.

Respond Global has been heavily involved in the COVID-19 response since early 2020, supporting the coordination of the Commonwealth response to the Victorian aged care crisis, managing crew quarantine aboard the Ruby Princess, and supplying antigen tests and screening protocols to the Howard Springs quarantine facility as well as to a number of leading aged care, tourism and resource companies.

We were selected by the Australian Government to lead the implementation of rapid antigen testing in aged care facilities in Greater Sydney during the mass outbreak in August 2021. Respond Global provided facilities with training and protocols in using the tests.

The program extended on the trial conducted at Whiddon in Glenfield, also led by Respond Global, the outcome of which gave aged care workers more confidence to go to work knowing that they’re not putting others at risk. Our support included providing testing protocols, training staff in their use, and virtual walkthroughs to set up testing stations.

We are currently the implementation partner for the Department of Health in implementing rapid antigen testing regimes and training across aged care facilities nationally.

Respond Global can support aged care providers to prepare their businesses and workforces to be able to respond safely and efficiently to current and future infectious disease outbreaks.

In a move to provide an extra layer of security to aged care staff, residents, their families and the wider community we supported the supply of rapid antigen tests, protocols and staff training to 1200 aged care facilities, to help them detect COVID-19 before it can enter a facility.