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COVID-19 Support for Tourism and Eventss

Adapting to life in a COVID-normal world

COVID-19 has profoundly affected the global tourism industry. Our visitors have changed the way they think, the way they live and the way they travel. So we have to change the way we do business and practice COVID-Safe tourism. Uncertainty is the new norm, for both ourselves and our visitors. But with the right knowledge, structures and supports in place our businesses, tourism authorities and communities can safely and profitably return to doing what they do best; looking after their visitors.

National tourism authorities and individual businesses are having to make decisions in response to high-level guidance and directives, that will have a direct impact going forward. While Government guidelines on post-COVID-19 safety measures are useful, they not only need to be adapted to local and business level context but be viewed through a ‘practical lens’ to make them functional and realistic.

Respond Global can assist your tourism business or tourism authority to safely re-open and operate in line with ongoing COVID-19 precautions, including support for implementing health screening and testing protocols. We will help you to re-establish brand trust, to protect the health and safety of your employees and guests and to prepare for possible future public health situations.