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Health Crisis Response Solutions for Business and Industry


We provide proven and practical health readiness solutions, including infectious disease prevention and control plans and workforce vaccinations, to local and international organisations that empower them to plan, prepare and respond to global quality standards.

For businesses and the industries in which they operate, being able to enact business continuity and risk management plans in times of crisis is imperative to allow organisations to continue their operations, to avoid economic loss and ultimately the impact on the lives of their workforces due to furloughing.

We can provide support in managing ongoing COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as the inevitable resurgence of the flu, with the provision of mobile workforce vaccination clinics. We are approved as an immunisation provider in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, having recently supported Queensland Health in administering 750,000 COVID-19 vaccinations throughout South East Queensland.

In addition to providing assistance and support in developing a Business Continuity Program, we can also train an organisation’s staff to be able to implement program plans during times of health crises. Training is delivered in a number of formats and can include simulations and pressure tests to gauge current readiness to respond.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how under-prepared most organisations are to be able to respond to a health event, such as a global pandemic, through their existing operational and human capabilities. Understanding how to plan for infectious disease outbreak response is going to be an important requirement for any business moving forward.