Safe, efficient & timely administration of vaccines where & when they are needed

Development & implementation of immunisation programs

We provide training, planning and implementation assistance, coupled with technical and logistical support, to healthcare teams who deliver vaccine rollouts.

We set minimum target requirements to ensure the safe, efficient, and timely administration of vaccines whilst building robust capacity within local teams to develop an ongoing and sustainable immunisation program. This includes:

  • planning support for administering vaccines to priority sites, workers, and populations
  • design, establishment and operation of immunisation clinics, including staff recruitment
  • logistical support – clinical waste management, cold chain management, procurement advice
  • public health engagement and liaison
  • development of risk communication plans at industry, national and international levels
  • record-keeping and submission of data to relevant health authorities.

Workforce immunisation management

We are approved as an immunisation provider in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

With COVID-19 case numbers still very high Australia-wide and social restrictions alleviated, it is not yet time to return to business as usual.

Preventing workplace outbreaks and therefore staff shortages is critical to ensure that businesses can remain open and operational. Having COVID-safe practices, protocols and procedures in place is still extremely important. We can provide support in managing ongoing COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as the inevitable resurgence of the flu, with the provision of mobile workforce vaccination clinics.

To formulate a plan that works for you, please complete the expression of interest form below and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

Enquire about our mobile vaccination service for workforces

As a leading provider of mobile vaccination clinics, we can help protect your staff with this season’s flu and/or COVID-19 vaccines.

To formulate a plan that works for you, please complete this expression of interest form and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

Our Immunisation Experts

Dr Ian Norton in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak
Dr Ian Norton
Global infectious disease management and health crisis response expert
Ian was head of the WHO’s Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Initiative in Geneva from 2014-20. During this time, he led responses to Ebola, Diphtheria and Measles infectious disease outbreaks which included the coordination of mass immunisation campaigns.
Christopher Maher, Immunization Expert
Chris Maher AO
Former Director of the WHO Regional Centre for Polio Eradication and Health Emergencies
In January 2018 Mr Maher was awarded the title of Officer of the Order of Australia by the Government of Australia, in recognition of his work on global polio eradication.