Support for the Australian Red Meat Processing Industry

An industry under threat from an invisible risk

Australian red meat has deservedly earned the trust of customers and consumers globally and continues to occupy an enviable brand position in many markets.

But the entire industry is now under threat from the invisible risk that is COVID-19.

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC), in collaboration with Response Consulting and Respond Global, have joined forces to deliver a unique and robust business resilience and continuity framework to AMPC’s red meat processor members, that will enable them to build the capacity needed to design and implement an infectious disease outbreak management plan, to keep employees and red meat safe from the invisible risk that a virus such as COVID-19 presents, now and into the future.

Developed with the support of the relevant public health authorities and key industry and auditory bodies across the country, the framework allows individual processing plants to adapt and implement a nationally approved infectious disease management plan to suit their own specific operating environments, and to be agile enough to respond to changing disease risk levels as outbreaks occur within communities.

The national framework will enable red meat processors to quickly and safely respond to any future infectious disease outbreaks by delivering the following key elements:

The Australian red meat industry is under threat from the invisible risk that is COVID-19.
    Rigorous infectious disease management protocols applied at all stages of a plant’s production process – delivered under a national infectious disease management plan for the prevention, management, and resolution of human transmissible diseases, customised to each plant.
    Two new competency units at Cert III and IV level as part of the current Business Continuity Planning training program, to qualify relevant staff in designing and implementing a plant’s individual infectious disease management plan.
    Comprehensive training provided via an LMS to plant employees by a leading global expert in infectious disease outbreak and emergency response management, plus a range of infographics for display at each plant.
    An operational handbook that provides infectious disease management health and safety guidance in all areas of a plant’s operations.
    Stakeholder engagement between plants and the relevant authorities to ensure successful outcomes and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Together, the above elements combine to place Australia’s red meat processing plant in a very strong position to be able to plan, respond and recover from an infectious disease event, when and if it happens.

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) is supporting red meat processing plants during COVID-19.

Further information

AMPC member plants should contact their State’s Co-Innovation Manager for further details, or Amanda Carter, AMPC’s People & Culture Program Manager, at or on 0429 658 124.

For more information about Response Consulting, and how they can help your organisation identify ways you can perform more effectively through the development of organisational and human capability, please call Roderick Glass on (07) 3357 4400.

Response Consulting can provide training for red meat processing plants in how to be COVID-Safe now and into the future.

For general information about the framework and information about how Respond Global can assist your organisation or industry in implementing infectious disease response plans, please call (07) 5343 1950.