About us


We seek to empower others to plan, prepare, respond and recover in times of disaster and crises in health.

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Experience where it counts

Respond Global founder Dr Ian Norton is a specialist emergency physician and passionate humanitarian with a wealth of experience in coordinating large-scale medical responses to international health crises and disaster situations. He is supported by a highly qualified team of disaster risk management and emergency response experts who are based at the head office in Noosa, Queensland, and more widely across Australia and the globe.

Our experience as clinicians, hospital administrators, and disaster managers within the domestic and international context means we are well-positioned to assist our clients to better manage disasters that directly affect their facilities, workforces, and communities.

Trusted Worldwide

Respond Global has been at the forefront of disaster management for many years, having been involved in leadership and coordination roles during both domestic and international disasters of significance such as the 2022 Victorian flood crisis, COVID-19 Pandemic, Black Summer bushfires, Measles outbreak in Samoa, Cyclone Debbie in Queensland, 2015 Nepal earthquake, 2014 West African Ebola outbreak, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria.

We provide frameworks, processes, and tools that directly interface with the broader emergency management frameworks administered locally. This outcome ensures not only a comprehensive and structured response to disasters specific to the requirements of each client but also one that is tightly coupled into the local emergency management arrangements, removing issues of misalignment or miscommunication of response activities.

Adaptable Solutions

We provide internationally proven and practical health emergency and disaster management solutions, that are scalable, adaptable, and fit for purpose. Whether the driver of risk is domestic or international, our adaptable solutions take the specific characteristics of the operating environment into account to determine how current response capabilities can be enhanced and developed, and how they will be accessed and sustained to deal with disasters.

+ Disaster & Emergency Management
All Hazards disaster planning and readiness support to build local response capability.

+ Health Workforce Support
Tailored workforce solutions to support critical staffing shortfalls faced by health services.

+ Public Health & Advisory Services
National, regional, and international medical, public health, and disaster management advisory services that set the standard for global best practices.

+ Rapid Response
Rapidly deployable response teams consisting of disaster managers, clinicians, and logisticians, to provide personnel and equipment support during times of disaster response.

+ Training & Simulations
All Hazards incident management training and simulations at all levels of an organisation or country to build better capacity and capability response. Bespoke training solutions available.

+ HELPR Program
Prioritising and empowering in-country disaster response capability amongst Pacific Island Countries, facilitated through our health and logistics support vessel HELPR-1.