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The key to overcoming a health crisis anywhere in the world is to enable a local response.

Respond Global empowers others to respond to health crises


Respond Global was established in early 2020 by renowned emergency medical response specialist Dr Ian Norton to provide assistance to those who seek to improve their localised response capabilities in times of health crises.

Founded as a social enterprise we do not look to replace but rather empower those in leadership roles and those on the frontlines to respond effectively and efficiently to a complex or chaotic situation, through their own local health structures and coordination systems.

We believe that the best response is a local response and we aim to reimagine the emergency response sector as we know it and to always put those in need first.


Following the 2010 Haitian earthquake the emergency management response community realized that international medical responses require globally agreed standards and quality assurance – coordinated responses are vital to minimise loss of life in the hours following a disaster.

It was also apparent that a country’s medical response capacity is best resourced from within its own pool of local health staff. As a result, the WHO published minimum standards for Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) in 2013 (known as ‘The Blue Book’), authored by a team led by Respond Global’s founder Dr Ian Norton. Those standards now assist countries to establish their own EMTs and govern how emergency support is provided globally.

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