Health Crisis Training

Imagine this scenario……You are an emergency clinician on night shift. The local nightclub has caught on fire and dozens of people with severe, life threatening burns are being transported to your hospital’s ED. Are you prepared? Do you know how to concurrently treat multiple burns victims?

Course: Burns Mass Casualty Incidents



Our health crisis response courses can be delivered in person anywhere in the world, virtually or online, depending on the requirements. We offer a broad range of courses in all areas of health crisis response, or we can create bespoke training solutions for organisations or countries.

There is no better test of crisis readiness than conducting a real-world simulation, to put everything into practice and ultimately determine how prepared your people, plans and systems are to be able to respond to a health crisis, if and when it happens. We can conduct exercises and simulations for:

  • National & Regional Disasters & Outbreaks
  • Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) Management
  • Mass Casualty & Outbreak Response
  • Fire & Bushfire Outbreak Resilience