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Burns Mass Casualty Incidents Course

October, 2022

Brisbane, Australia

A unique 2-day intensive burns care course with scenario-based exercises for those involved in emergency health response in any capacity.

Learn best practice from world renowned doctors and physicians with expertise in responding to mass casualty incidents. Read more here.


Respond Global can develop emergency response training solutions for established emergency medical teams (EMTs), rapid response teams and organisations that require training in health emergency coordination and response. Our approach ranges from discussion-based and table-top exercises to full field simulations designed for either local or up to and including inter-state and international levels.

Our health crisis response courses can be delivered in person anywhere in the world, virtually or online, depending on the requirements. We offer a broad range of courses in all areas of health crisis response, or we can create bespoke training solutions for organisations or countries. Current courses available include:

  • Health EOC Management
  • Coordination of Health Emergencies
  • Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Coordination & Response
  • Logistics, WASH & Operations Support for Health Responses
  • National Response Team Training for Clinical & Public Health Teams
  • Outbreak Clinical Care & Infection Prevention & Control (IPC)
  • Trauma Care, Mass Casualty & Mass Burns Management
  • Management of the Poisoned Patient
  • Pre-Hospital Care & Retrieval
  • CBRN Medical Management
  • First Aid Training

There is no better test of crisis readiness than conducting a real-world simulation, to put everything into practice and ultimately determine how prepared your people, plans and systems are to be able to respond to a health crisis, if and when it happens. We can conduct exercises and simulations for:

  • National & Regional Diasaters & Outbreaks
  • Health Emergency Operations Centre Management
  • Mass Casualty & Outbreak Response