Image of a bushfire on the side of a hill. Photo credit: Matt Palmer, Unsplash

Photo of a road closed by flood waters with a barrier across the road. Photo credit: Phillip Flores, Unsplash

Facing the Storm: Urgent Call for Disaster Readiness

In recent years, Australia has witnessed an alarming increase in the frequency and severity of natural hazards. Events like the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Summer Bushfires and the 2022 La Nina floods have highlighted a critical need for better planning and preparation for such events, but most importantly, the need for an improved ability to coordinate and affect a response to an event that poses a threat to an organisation, its business continuity, workforce and community.

The Emergency Readiness Gap

Our extensive experience working with clients with unique vulnerabilities, such as aged care facilities, regional governments and organisations with remote operations, has revealed a discrepancy between perceived preparedness and actual readiness. This discrepancy is a cause for concern. To effectively tackle this gap, organisations must develop a comprehensive operational understanding of how to respond to an all-hazards event, with an aim of ensuring a greater degree of self-sufficiency during periods where emergency services may be overwhelmed, or their response delayed.

Taking a proactive approach to improving readiness by obtaining the knowledge, training and tools to better manage critical incidents and disasters, when they occur, will greatly reduce organisation, finance and reputation risk; safeguard regulatory compliance; and protect employee and community safety.

Respond Global’s Commitment

At Respond Global, we’re committed to bridging the readiness gap. Our mission is to empower organisations with the strategies, skills and resources needed to face a disaster or critical incident head-on.

Using our IM-READDI framework, we support you to build a safer, more resilient organisation, now and into the future.


Knowledge, training and tools to ensure a confident response to all-hazards

IM-READDI is built upon Respond Global’s R.E.A.D.D.I training methodology. It provides training, tools, and testing to build a state of All-Hazards Readiness in an organisation, enabling a confident (operational) response to specific local hazards.

We apply a  bottom-up training model, working directly with those on the ground tasked with responding to a critical incident. We teach you the ‘WHAT’ and show you ‘HOW’ – so that you and your team can respond confidently and efficiently when an incident presents itself.

The IM-READDI Incident Management Framework

The IM-READDI incident management framework - Review, Engage, Assess, Deploy, Drill, Improve

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