Emergency Response Operations

Emergency response operations

Field-tested logistical support

Successful emergency logistics management must take into account the complexities of providing operations support and logistics during health care interventions in disasters and outbreaks. But being well prepared can and does save lives and maintain the quality of those interventions.

Many Pacific Island Countries (PICs) have experienced devastating natural and health disasters in recent years, which has greatly impacted its people and health systems. The HELPR program (Health, Emergency, Logistics, Preparedness + Response) seeks to prioritise and empower in-country response capability.

Cache & Health Logistics

We provide support and guidance for the supply of health crisis response caches, kits and field hospitals, including procurement and supply chain management for both warehoused and on-ground stock. This includes the supply of infectious disease outbreak response kits and tests for clinical and public health responders.

Operations Support

Respond Global are experts in providing operations support in all areas of health crisis response, including designing and establishing emergency operations centres and quarantine facilities, developing and implementing health screening and immunisation programs, and providing IPC and WASH solutions.

Deployment of Health Experts

Our local and global team of health crisis response experts are available for deployment to provide assistance in the preparedness and response to crises when and if they happen. Respond Global can provide 24/7 critical incident support both virtually and in the field. Telehealth services are also available.