Emergency Response Planning

Emergency response planning by an EMT

Respond Global can assist an organization, country (civilian or military) or regional body with their emergency response planning, including the development of medical response teams. This includes Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) that provide clinical care, as well as public health and rapid response teams.

We can help create national frameworks for quality improvement and quality assurance of national EMTs. For those teams seeking to reach WHO International Classification, Respond Global can prepare them for this important step.

Emergency response planning in action

Respond Global can provide support in the following critical areas of emergency response planning:

Staff: Staff recruitment and selection processes, volunteer roster and database solutions, training and staff care solutions.

Stuff (or Supplies): The creation of bespoke kits, field support equipment and medical supplies.

Space: Clinical care facilities from small and lightweight to full hardstand solutions, and the use of local materials to produce cost-effective alternatives.

System: Policies and standard operating procedures including the safety and security aspects, that allow medical response teams to function effectively while preparing and when deployed,