Emergency Response Training

Emergency response training

Respond Global can develop bespoke emergency response training solutions for established emergency medical teams (EMTs) and rapid response teams and organisations who require training in health emergency coordination and response. Our learning and training approach ranges from discussion based and table-top exercises to full field simulations designed for either local or up to and including inter-state and international levels.

Emergency response training in action

All emergency response training is interactive, hands on, competency based and designed for the needs of operational responders and leaders. Experts in clinical, public health, and logistics/water and sanitation (WASH)/operational support and coordination, provide tailored field-tested training in these areas.

All training, simulations and exercises are accompanied by a detailed assessment of learning needs, lesson plans, learning outcomes, reviews and reporting at the conclusion of each activity.

Emergency response training in logistics

Courses available cover areas such as:

  • Trauma Care, Mass Casualty and Burns
  • EMT Coordination and Response
  • Logistics, WASH and Operations Support for health response
  • Coordination in Health Emergencies
  • Outbreak clinical care and infection prevention and control (IPC)