H-EOC Services

We can help you establish a Health-EOC that will build on your existing organisation, through tailored design, practical tool development, training and ongoing support.

Crisis Communication & Coordination

An H-EOC is more than a physical location and information technology. It is a method of organising a response to a disaster or outbreak using a purpose-built incident management system with defined command, control, coordination and communication structures that compliment your existing organisation.

Your Health Emergency Operations Centre is where robust processes are implemented by a well-coordinated team. Your staff will be able to systematically track and pre-empt emerging risks ensuring timely and adequately resourced responses to critical incidents.

H-EOCs provide a communications hub, streamlining coordination internally and with partners and systematising reporting so that decision-makers are empowered with information in real-time.

Respond Global has a proven track record in supporting health-related entities respond to COVID-19 and other emergencies. Our team can rapidly establish or enhance Health Emergency Operations Centres that are suited to organisational requirements, are scalable and adaptable to the situation at hand.


  • Concise plans, frameworks and protocols to deliver required services.
  • Purpose-built incident management systems and H-EOC structures, including on a secure virtual platform.
  • Fit-for-purpose reporting and communication tools to ensure governance and line-of-sight compliance for Board, executives and strategic partners.


  • Health Emergency Operations Centres training in functions, roles, systems and coordination.
  • Developing medical and outbreak response plans for governments and the private sector.
  • Exercise development, walk-throughs and simulations.

Respond & Deliver

  • Health-EOC implementation with ongoing training and assessment of Health-EOC functionality.
  • 24/7 Health-EOC advice and remote support.
  • Deployment of ready response support teams for Health-EOC establishment or surge.
  • Critical incident response support to senior management for mass casualty, mass burns and outbreak events.
  • Post-implementation assessment and quality assurance.