Public health-led solutions

Respond Global is uniquely placed to help with the design and operational management of quarantine, treatment, or displaced person facilities, ensuring that they meet international infection prevention and control (IPC) standards at every level, and providing reassurance across each operational team, from healthcare to catering and logistics.

Reliable & transparent health services from day one

Our commitment is to deliver reliable and transparent health services from day one and to provide our clients with an end-to-end solution that is aligned with their goals of providing a safe and secure working environment. We are intricately connected with the health industry and the personnel working in it, which allows us to identify, source and retain the best staff for the project concerned.

We can:

  • deliver a public health-led solution and support interaction with Regional, State and Federal health departments and other emergency services,
  • deliver IPC, health screening and testing, and well-being and mental health care of the highest standards, with a strong pastoral and cultural care approach,
  • write facility plans, standard operating procedures and manuals based on our previous experience in this area,
  • provide highly experienced senior emergency management staff to commission and/or manage facilities,
  • provide operational health and support staff to work with onsite service providers to ensure that all teams meet the required IPC standards,
  • be agile and adaptable to respond to required changes in process as the health risk changes over time.

Experience where it counts

We bring a holistic risk mitigation approach to human safety and clinical governance with a pragmatic implementation of evidence-based practice in relation to quarantine design, health screening and testing, and monitoring risk and compliance.

We have:

  • a unique blend of skills in the areas of public health, infectious disease and trauma care, infection prevention and control, and in water and sanitation related to infectious diseases,
  • a wealth of experience in the health crisis management sector, including leading the design and management of large-scale Ebola treatment and isolation centres across three countries in West Africa, scaling up responses to Diphtheria, Measles, Dengue and other outbreaks, as responding to conflict and disaster zones,
  • experience in the design, build and operation of COVID-19 quarantine and treatment facilities globally including the Australian Returned Travellers’ Facility in Howard Springs, crew quarantine management onboard the Ruby and Grand Princesses, and COVID treatment centres in Australia, Canada, Somalia and Ghana,
  • worked at both the strategic policy and the operational field levels responding to health crises, in conjunction with governmental agencies, UN bodies and private entities,
  • experience in establishing scalable and adaptable Health Emergency Operation Centres with ongoing support, training and review, with support provided to the Australian Government in establishing the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre (VACRC) managing concurrent COVID-19 outbreaks across 150 facilities.