Adapt and be ready

Collectively, our team of emergency response experts bring decades of experience in the prevention and control of infectious diseases, applying this to the specific needs of an individual organisation. We can tailor infectious disease planning support to suit your particular circumstances and operating environment.

Customised support

Clients may require the provision of a complete managed service, with assistance at all stages of the health emergency readiness framework, or they may only require support at specific stages.


  • Detailed risk assessments including aspects related to a premise’s design, operation protocols, staff and if applicable guests, customers, students, contractor interactions
  • Organisational management strategies
  • Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response plans and related implementation protocols
  • Training and information products for staff, customers, guests, students, contractors
  • Exercise development and walk-throughs
  • Health protocols for staff, and others as required, including planning and implementation
  • Inspection and credentialing as “safe to open”.


  • Lead or support engagement with government, regulatory and industry bodies
  • Advice and assistance with managing public health and risk communications.

Response & Troubleshooting

  • Critical incident response support to senior management
  • Deployment of ready response teams in the occurrence of suspected or confirmed cases.

Frontline experience

Respond Global has experience in responding to some of the world’s largest outbreaks and disasters in very challenging conditions. Our work has been at both the strategic policy level and at the operational field level responding to health crises.

  • Leading the response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa (2014-15) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (2019-20)
  • Managing the Diphtheria outbreak in Bangladesh amongst the Rohingya migrant camps (2018)
  • Managing health response to the Pakistan floods (2010), Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines (2013), and Nepal earthquake (2015)
  • Responding to outbreaks and disasters across the Pacific
  • Extensive work in leading COVID-19 preparation and response across multiple industries, both nationally and internationally.