Risk Management Frameworks

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No matter how big or small your business, we can assist in developing and implementing a health crisis risk mitigation and business continuity framework that will guide your operations in the event of a crisis.

Services we offer for risk management

Site risk assessments

What this involves

We can conduct full-scale individual or multisite assessments to gauge an organisation’s current capacity to manage their response to a health crisis, with a detailed outcomes report and recommendations for improvement.

Document & protocol reviews

What this involves

We will review your current crisis response plans, protocols and procedures and either make recommendations for improvement or do this on your behalf, in line with national and international standards and best practice.

Medical Emergency Response Plans (MERPs)

What this involves

MERPs should be an integral part of any organisation’s or country’s crisis response framework and should be reviewed, practiced and updated regularly to ensure that everyone knows how to enact it in case of emergency or disaster.

Development of policies & standard operating procedures

What this involves

Are you prepared if the worst happened tomorrow? If your organisation requires the development of crisis response policies and SOPs we can assist you in both the design and implementation of these, including executing simulations or pressure tests to test their rigour.

Business continuity program development

What this involves

The COVID-19 pandemic showed how underprepared most organisations and some countries were to be able to respond quickly and effectively, to allow them to maintain business continuity and keep themselves afloat. Respond Global can support you to mitigate risks, whatever the crisis, and to stay safe, stay open and be read.

After action reviews

What this involves

We can help you to review policies and frameworks following your response to a crisis. Assessing lessons learnt will ensure that your business or organisation is fully prepared in the event of future emergencies.


What this involves

With connections to health leadership at the highest levels we are in the unique position of being able to provide a meaningful localised translation of global, national and state health policies into practical and implementable responses. We are well-placed to advocate on behalf of clients, both here in Australia and internationally.