Antigen Test Outbreak Response Kits

Stay open, stay safe – be ready

Antigen testing will enable businesses to continue to operate through
future waves of COVID. For remote and high-risk settings particularly
this is the game-changer we’ve been waiting for.

Rapid antigen swab tests work best:

  • in the first 3 days
  • before you start displaying symptoms
  • when you pose the highest risk to others

Benefits over other tests:

  • results in 10 minutes
  • real-time risk management
  • cost-effective
  • conducted onsite
  • easy to use

Detecting the invisible risk to your business

CareStart rapid antigen tests are US-made and TGA approved for use in Australia. The test identifies acute COVID infection with high sensitivity and 100% specificity.

Antigen testing can be added as part of a COVID risk mitigation strategy in addition to other public health measures and is already in large-scale use in other countries.

Antigen tests are swab tests with results in 10 minutes.

The tests are particularly useful for serial testing in high-risk and essential workplaces, to rapidly detect and isolate infected individuals and in managing suspected outbreaks in remote and hard-to-reach areas.

Respond Global has secured large quantities of supply from Pantonic Health for immediate purchase.

Antigen testing is perfect for use in remote and high-risk settings.

Outbreak solutions – Antigen Kits & Screening Programs

Respond Global are experts in providing health emergency preparedness and response solutions. We can provide complete COVID outbreak response kits for use in remote settings, or where there are a large number of employees working closely together, as well as antigen screening programs for employees and the general public.


For use in remote settings

Outbreak response kits, supplied by Respond Global, are stored on-site for rapid outbreak response to a suspected case in remote settings such as mines, oil rigs, ships and remote communities, and by emergency response teams deploying overseas.

Where employees work in close contact

Outbreak response kits are stored on-site for rapid outbreak response to a positive case within the critical infrastructure sectors such as food supply, aged care or manufacturing, with results in 10 minutes.

Antigen tests are perfect for use in critical infrastructure sectors.


Employee screening

Respond Global can implement recurrent screening of employees, during periods of high local transmission or in high-risk roles, such as resource sector, meat/food processing, aged care, health and quarantine staff, hospitality, and education.

General public screening

Respond Global has vast experience in implementing large scale infectious disease screening programs and can provide rapid onsite testing for travel, tourism and major event providers, with results in 10 minutes.

Antigen screening programs can be implemented for employees and the general public.

Stay one step ahead

The COVID outbreak response kits are supplied by Respond Global, with support as required.

Each kit contains everything you need to perform the tests and report the results to public health authorities.

Antigen tests must be used under the supervision of a qualified health professional. Respond Global can provide additional onsite or virtual training, advice and medical support.

Antigen test kits ready for deployment, containing everything you need to conduct testing onsite.

Be ready to protect employees, clients, guests and customers.

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