The Australian National University (ANU)

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April 21st, 2020
Australian National University Return to COVID-Safe Operations

Response Details

Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Planning
The Australian National University (ANU)
Canberra, Australia
Phased return to campus during COVID-19
April 2020

The Australian National University (ANU) like all Australian universities have had to react and adapt quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic. With most staff and students unable to be on campus both teaching and administrative methodologies have had to change. The impact has been enormous.

ANU has been very proactive in their response to COVID-19, engaging the services of Respond Global early on, to assist them in being able to return staff and students to campus. The safety of all who visit and stay on campus is paramount in ensuring that the brand reputation of ANU, one of Australia’s leading international universities, is maintained.

Respond Global assisted ANU in 3 main areas:

  • Preparation: Reviewing current ANU COVID-Safe plans and undertaking a gap analysis, to provide advice to ANU on recommended actions required.
  • Prevention: Guidance on a framework to implement COVID-Safe protocols across ANU campuses, in line with current ANU governance structures and operational models.
  • Governance: Advice on risk management requirements on an ongoing basis.

Respond Global’s proposal provided an end-to-end solution that will reinforce and create a sense of trust and build confidence amongst students and staff.

Ultimately our work facilitated the phased return of students and staff to ANU campuses and facilities while ensuring that ANU is well prepared for the presence of COVID within the community, both on and off-campus, now and into the future.


ANU welcomed staff and students back to campus safely for Semester 2, commencing 27 July 2020.

Find out more about their COVIDSafe Campus Alert System, developed in partnership with Respond Global.

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