Coral Expeditions

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April 22nd, 2020

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Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Planning
Coral Expeditions
Cairns, Australia
Return to COVID-Safe cruising in Australian waters
April 2020 - ongoing

Coral Expeditions is a Cairns-based private cruise company with a long-established reputation in the luxury tourism market. The company concluded operations in March 2020 in line with government requirements without having had a suspected or positive COVID -19 patient onboard any of their vessels.

As an industry leader, Coral Expeditions were eager to ensure that they are best prepared to operate in the post-pandemic world without compromising the level of luxury that their clients expect from their trusted brand.

Respond Global has been working with Coral Expeditions in:

  • Developing prevention and mitigation protocols including the development of passenger/crew health screening and related procedures.
  • Assisting with the implementation of protocols during a phased approach to return to operations.

Having been directly involved with managing recent cruise ship COVID outbreaks in San Francisco, Sydney and Fremantle, Respond Global is well placed to assist cruise companies to return to COVID-Safe operations.

Our services include site visits, the development of infection prevention and control protocols, and practical measures for implementation onboard to ensure the safety of both guests and staff.

We are currently supplying antigen tests as part of outbreak response kits to Coral Expeditions for the pre-travel and onboard testing of passengers and crew, to help ensure that their vessels remain COVID-free. Coral have successfully returned to cruising in Australian waters, the first Australian cruise operator to do so.

Antigen tests & outbreak response kits
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