MC Herd

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September 22nd, 2020
COVID-19 support for MC Herd Meat Processor

Response Details

Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Planning
MC Herd
Prevention of a potential COVID-19 outbreak
October 2020 - ongoing

Respond Global has been working with M.C. Herd since late 2020, assisting them with designing and implementing an infectious disease management plan specific to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Our services have included a full document review of the plant’s pre-existing health and safety protocols,  as well as a comprehensive in-person site assessment, a pressure test to gauge the organisation’s readiness to deal with a case of COVID-19 within the plant, should it happen, and liaison with Victorian public health authorities in ensuring that their response protocols are aligned with State health protocols and campaigning for a return to 100% production capacity during an early lockdown within the State that saw processors workforces reduced substantially.

Other response mechanism deliverables include scenario-based response action cards for key personnel, a traffic light risk management framework that provides guidance on what responses should be made at each level of disease risk, and a COVID-Safe handbook that provides detailed response recommendations.

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