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April 21st, 2020
MSC Cruises COVID-19 Expert Guidance

Response Details

Return to COVID-Safe Cruising: Implementation of Public Health Protocols
MSC Cruises
Ongoing support as part of Blue Ribbon Expert Panel
April 2020 - ongoing

MSC Cruises is a global cruise line registered in Switzerland and based in Geneva. It was founded in Naples, Italy, in 1989. It is part of the Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC), the world’s second-biggest container shipping operator. In addition to being the world’s largest privately held cruise company, employing about 23,500 people worldwide and with offices in 45 countries, MSC Cruises is the fourth largest cruise company in the world.

MSC Cruises approached Respond Global to request that Dr Ian Norton serve on a technical expert panel on behalf of MSC and as an independent advisor, to assist MSC to develop evidence-based medical and public health protocols to safely restart cruising in a COVID-Safe manner. Respond Global is currently reviewing existing documentation to provide recommendations as required.

Having been directly involved with managing recent cruise ship COVID outbreaks in San Francisco, Sydney and Fremantle, Respond Global is well placed to assist cruise companies to return to COVID-Safe operations. Our services include site visits, managing medical responses, and implementing infection prevention and control and quarantine measures, to ensure the safety of both guests and staff.

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