Ogilvie Group

May 15th, 2020

Response Details

Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Planning
Ogilvie Group
Noosa, Australia
COVID19 Response Preparedness
May 2020

The Ogilvie Group owns and operates 4 of Noosa’s flagships dining establishments – Locale Noosa, Rickys, Wood Fire Grill and Aromas Noosa. Most visitors to Noosa will dine at one of these during their time here, and return time and again. The Group also have their own farm, Maravista Farm, in the Noosa Hinterland, which supplies the restaurants with locally grown fresh produce.

As a leader in the Noosa hospitality sector, maintaining reputation and credibility at all times is imperative. COVID-19 has created challenges for many businesses, but particularly those in the hospitality sector who rely on large numbers of patrons to remain viable. The Ogilvie Group is leading the way in Noosa by working to ensure that its venues are COVID-Safe and that its staff are well-trained in putting the safety of guests and staff first.

Respond Global assisted the Ogilvie Group by conducting site visits to the restaurants in the group to assess layout and current risk management plans. A number of training sessions were held with staff on how to be COVID-Safe with particular emphasis on correct cleaning methods and suspect case management.

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